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Our Walks

The many facets of the Bois de Vincennes

Paris' biggest parkland doesn't only offer beautiful walks under the trees. On horseback, in a boat or stark naked, these woods open up the scope of possibilities.

The Garden of the Great Explorers: the call of the wild

You'd be wrong in assuming the Luxembourg Gardens is your only option for a breath of fresh air at the heart of this historical district...

A day around Parc Monceau

The Parc Monceau is located inbewteen the 17th district and the 8th district. Discover the best places around the park (open from dawn to sunset).

How to spend one day in the Sorbonne neighbourhood

The student quarter is the perfect place to idly wander around and get lost in cobbled streets filled with history…

The most beautiful covered markets in Paris

From the Marché des Enfants Rouges to the Halle Beauvau Aligre and the Marché Saint-Germain… Are you ready for our gourmet walk?

The most beautiful squares in Paris

Whether they're laid-back, bustling with activity or simply beautiful to see, Parisian squares have an undeniable charm. Here's a selection of our favorite ones!

The most beautiful open-air pathways in Paris

Covered alleyways are not the only hidden lanes worth discovering in Paris…

How to spend one day around place du Tertre

A few steps away from the Sacré-Cœur stands one of the most iconic places of the 18th arrondissement. We're taking you behind the scenes and off the beaten track!

The Chantier pathway: the domain of Parisian cabinetmakers

This charming open-air alleyway's distinctiveness and appearence were kept unspoiled since the XVth century.