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10 h – Cernuschi Museum (Museum of the Asian arts of Paris)

The Museum of Asian arts of Paris is located in a splendid private mansion. Henri Cernuschi, a great collector, offered all his art pieces to the city's town hall when he died. Two steps away from the Parc Monceau, wonderful bronzes and ceramics are there to admire in this lovely setting.


© Chatsam

Cernuschi Museum
Prices : free permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions 8 €
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm
Location: 7 avenue Vélasquez 75 008

13 h – Restaurant Le Petit Monceau

A nice place for having lunch close to the Parc. Great traditional French food, a little expenseive though.

Le Petit Monceau

93 rue Monceau
40 euros in average for a complete meal
01 45 22 55 97

15 h – Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky cathedral

Built in 1861, this cathedral was the first permanent Orthodox place of worship in Paris. This monument, of Byzantine architecture on the inside and Moscow on the outside is worth a visit. It is here that Picasso married his famous companion Olga in 1918, with witnesses who are none other than Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob or Guillaume Apollinaire... Vassily Kandinsky’s funeral was also held in this cathedral. Let’s walk in the footsteps of these artists!

Cathédrale_Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky_de_Paris_ Paris ZIgZag

© Guilhem Vellut

Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky Cathedral
12 rue Daru 75 008The church is open to individual visitors on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm.

16h30 – Swedish tea-time!

A stone’s throw from the Swedish church on Mederic Street is Affarën, a small Swedish grocery store that also serves as a restaurant and tea room. Even if the places are very limited, it is a delight to sit around a coffee and kanebullar, the famous Swedish cinnamon roll or a salmon sandwich. At noon, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for 29 €. It is recommended to book in advance.

Svenska Affären Paris
01 42 81 91 75
3 bis, Rue Léon Jost, 75 017Open from 11am every day (12am on Sunday), closed at 6.30pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 5pm on Sunday and 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

18 h – Parc Monceau

It is always very pleasant to walk the paths of this park created by the will of Baron Haussmann. This English garden contains several treasures. Such as the Rotonde, the remnant of the Wall of Generals that delimited Paris during the time of Louis XIV. One must also see the Naumachie, this ancient-inspired construction that surrounds the large basin. Egyptian-style monuments are also scattered throughout the park! For a romantic touch, one must not miss the small bridge that spans the river, remnant of the old town hall!


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Parc Monceau
35 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75 008Open every day from 7am to 9pm (until 10pm from 31 May to 31 August)

20h – Cinéma des cinéastes


The history of this art and essay film is fascinating. It was first a cabaret in the late nineteenth century, often visited by Edouard Manet. In the twentieth century, it became the Kursaal, a famous café-concert where all the stars, including Maurice Chevallier, came to sing. Today, the cinema is sponsored by Fanny Ardant and offers many events around cinema (meetings, festivals, white cards, etc.). An ideal place to end the day smoothly or take refuge in case of rain.

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Le cinéma des cinéastes © Focus Corée

Le cinéma des cinéastes 
7, av. de Clichy 75017 Paris
Tel : 01 53 42 40 20
Prices : 9€50 (6€ before 1pm)

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